What can I use the Dogstepper for?

Dogsteppers have become widely used in dog sports and dog physiotherapy. They can be used for coordination in any dog from puppies to seniors. In dog physiotherapy they can be used for active exercises and strength training, in dog health centres as well as at home in order to increase training time.

As basic targets for training basic tricks Dogsteppers are constant companions. They can of course also be used for a huge variety of more complex tricks. They are a big help when working on the various heel positions and other positions shown in Obedience and dogdance.

Examples for the use of dogsteppers can be found on our website.

Dogstepper 2021-37
Dogstepper 2021-25-2
IMG 3581
IMG 3794
IMG 3649
MG 2118
IMG 3848
Dogstepper 2021-44-2
IMG 3774
Dogstepper 2021-24-2
IMG 3803
Dogstepper 2021-51
Denise Weihnachten 20-111
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